Council Report-December 2019

First off, l apologize for missing a few of my reports. I will strive to keep them up to date for all of you. December is typically a busy month for the police department. Mostly, scheduling issues as our folks like to have the Christmas holiday off if possible. Though we’d like to give the holiday off to all our employees, this is just not possible for the police department as we always need officers on duty.

A rash of vehicle break ins and mail thefts took many hours for us to solve these incidents and find the suspects. With help from community members, we were able to identify suspects and make arrests.. This was a great example of our police department and community members working together. As you’ve heard me say this many times before, we cannot do this alone. We need the communities help to be successful.

The hiring process continues for us. We currently have one candidate in the background phase and are hoping he makes it through. The last three candidates have all failed one or more of the final phases of our process. It’s been frustrating for all involved but we must adhere to our high standards and continue to strive to get the best possible candidates for the open positions. To date, I have three more candidates that I have scheduled for chiefs interviews. When those are finished, I will advance at least one of those candidates to the background investigation phase of the process. I will keep all of you posted on our progress as it develops.

I hope all of you had a wonderful holiday season and happy new year. That is all for now.

Council Report-September 2019

Another update on the hiring process for the police department. As reported last month, we had two candidates in the background phase of the process. Neither of those two candidates were able to pass this phase of the hiring process. With that said, we’ve exhausted all the names on our current eligibility list.

On September 30th, Sandy Police reopened the job announcement and posting in an attempt to establish another hiring list. I have already seen some applications come in and many of them look promising. We will close the application period at the end of October and interviews are scheduled in early November. I am hoping to have two officers hired sometime early next year.

Our Records Specialist, Ashlee Santos, had a family emergency this month when two of her daughters were involved in a traffic crash here in Sandy. Both girls were injured in the crash. Luckily, first responders were close by and the response time was minimal. Both were transported to Legacy Emmanuel Hospital for treatment. They are back home now and recovering from non life threatening injuries. Ashlee is taking some time off during this rough time for her and her family. She should be back to work some time in early October. We have her family in our thoughts and prayers.

I am currently updating our City of Sandy Emergency Operations Plan. The update is overdue. This will be a topic at an upcoming council work session. I do not have a date when this will be completed but I’m hoping to have the updates completed by the end of October.

I hope all of you had a great end to your summer.

Council Report-August 2019

The hiring process continues at the police department. Two applicants are in the background process which is quite lengthy. This process averages a couple of months but could take up to three months depending on numerous factors such as where the applicant has spent a significant amount of time during his or her life. If the applicant is not from our area, our detective will have to travel to conduct interviews with family members, employers, etc. We are hoping to be ready with two candidates whom will start at the end of September.

Firearms training was completed again this month. If you remember, we did have firearms training recently but this was a make up day for another training that had been cancelled earlier in the year. Our officers are required to have a minimum amount of this type of training per calendar year. At our police department, we strive to give them additional training, not just what is required of us through the State of Oregon. Next month we will have another session of defensive tactics training. Both of these training sessions are done in house. We have officers that are trained as instructors in these disciplines. Being able to provide this training in house cuts down on cost to our department and meets all DPSST requirements.

August is typically a busy month for your police department and this year was no different. Many of our officers take vacation time during this month so staffing is always a challenge. Overtime costs are generally up during the summer months but we do everything we can to keep those costs down.

An update for all of you on our “SWATTING” calls we had in the city limits. We have two subjects that we, along with the FBI and two other police agencies, are looking into. At this time, no arrests have been made. These calls originally required a heavy response from our police department because we will always air on the side of caution. This type of behavior is absolutely unacceptable and were doing everything we can to ensure whoever is responsible is brought to justice.

That is all for now. I hope all of you enjoy the rest of our summer.

Council Report-July 2019

July is typically one of the busiest months for the police department. With the 4th of July celebration and then the annual Sandy Mountain Festival just one week later, there is little time for other ongoing projects which generally get put on hold during this time.

Both events went very well and the public enjoyed coming out and having a good time in their community. The mountain festival parade used the same route through the down town core as years past but this may change in the future. Their are scheduled talks regarding this and the possible option of moving the parade route to a location outside the down town core. All of you will of course be kept up to date with this information. Every year it becomes more of a challenge to reduce Highway 26 to two lanes.

The public safety fee has been approved and I’d like to thank each and every one of you for your support during this difficult and challenging project. With that, we are now in the process of hiring two new officers. At the time of this writing, I have made tentative offers to two candidates and they are now in the back ground investigation portion of the process. I’m hoping to be able to give each candidate a final offer sometime in late August. The two new officers will fill the vacancies we have at the police department and we will once again be at full staff.

There has been some talk about one of my officers retiring early next year. Until an official notice is given, there is little to be done regarding filling the vacancy that will be left by this. I’m hoping that officer will make an official announcement soon so we can begin to plan for filling that vacancy once he leaves. Once again, I will keep all of you informed of this as I have more information to share.

I hope each of you are enjoying your summer.

Council Report-June 2019

First of all, apologies as this report is late getting to all of you. With that said, June is always a busy month for the police department as summer is here. Events such as the Longest Day Parkway and Noah’s quest for example, put extra strain on the police department this time of year. Both events mentioned were a success and we were happy to be a part of them. It is a great way to get out and meet community members and their families. Its also a great time for us to answer questions that folks have for us.

We continue to work on elements of the public safety fee that is now in the process of council approval. This is vital to our staffing needs at the police department. We are ready to hire officers when the time comes and promote as needed.

This is also the time of year when our employees and their families usually take much needed vacations. Filling the spots during these periods can be challenging for administrative staff. We have to balance established minimums that are set and always keep in mind the overtime expenditure.

The entire department went through defensive tactics training this month. We had some specialists come in to introduce some additional techniques for our folks to remain safe while doing their job effectively.

At this time, we are preparing for July 4th and the Sandy Mountain Festival the following weekend. Should be a good time for all that attend.

Council Report-May 2019

Busy month for my admin staff as I was away in Germany for two weeks on vacation with friends and family. As always, my admin staff did a great job of making sure your police department ran smoothly while I was away. I was provided regular updates via email while I was away.

The rest of the month was spent working on budget issues. With the budget now adopted by council, we can all breath a sigh of relief as we enter into the new biennium soon. A lot of work was put into this budget as we had a deficit coming into the cycle. Everyone worked together on this. A lot of late nights for me and all of you as well. I appreciated your input along the way. Thanks to all of you.

As the summer approaches, the police department is preparing for events, including the Longest Day Parkway Ride, 4th of July Fireworks, Noah’s Quest and Mt. Festival to name a few. All of these events require police services for traffic control, crowd and event security etc..Our goal is for families to attend, have a great time and not have to worry about their safety while enjoying time with their families.

The police department is still in the process for hiring an officer, possibly two. This process was put on hold until the budget could be passed so we are playing catch up to get two vacant positions filled. The selection process is nearly complete and we have one candidate that will be in the background phase of the process soon. We will continue the process when funding is secured for our budget.

Looking forward to seeing all of you at our great family events in Sandy.

Council Report- April 2019

I am completing this a little early as I leave for vacation on May 1st and will not be back until May 17th. Budget process continues and we have presented a balanced budget. Balancing the budget meant not filling two vacant positions at the current time. The traffic officer position will be pulled back into a patrol position for this biennium unless at least one of the positions are filled.

The hiring process that was started in late February was completed as we anticipated hiring at least one officer to fill the vacant patrol slot. The process was a success and yielded far more eligible applicants than the last time we recruited for an officer. The top three candidates were selected and notified of their status on our list. Since taking those positions out of the budget, no offers of employment have been made to any of the top candidates. We will keep the list active until further notice while exploring other funding options with council.

The records department has nearly completed all the training for the fingerprinting program and we are set to begin in May. Our staff has already begun to take walk ins but the scheduling of fingerprinting will not formerly begin until approximately the second week of May. We are excited to once again offer this service to our citizens.

Council Report-March 2019

Finally back from the 275th session of the FBI National Academy. I graduated on March 15th and was able to come back home the same day. It was a long ten weeks of training but well worth the effort.

Recruitment for the open patrol officer position continues and we are in the interview stage of the process now. We have narrowed our search down to approximately ten very well qualified applicants. Our new search process, headed by Sgt. Sean Lundry and HR Manager Angie Welty, yielded over 90 applicants. A significant increase over our last recruitment effort.

Budget process continued as I returned. More to come on that at a later date.

The records department will begin offering fingerprint services soon. Most likely, this will begin sometime in May of this year. There has been a high demand for this service since we stopped offering this to our citizens over two years ago. Now that we have a fully staffed records department, we are able to offer this to the public again. This will provide the police department with an additional revenue stream as well.

Council Report-February 2019

Our new records specialist, Tessa Ryan, began work at your Sandy Police Department this month. We are very happy to have her on board. We are now back to two records specialists and a records manager. We have not had this for the last year so they have been very busy while they were short handed. Tessa is now in the training phase which could take up to fix months to complete. She is doing well.

Recruitment process continues for the vacant officer position. Candidate applications have been screened and we are in the process of contacting top applicants to participate in the next phase of the hiring process.

I continue my work at the FBI National Academy and will graduate on March 15. I have been actively working on the budget in the evening hours while I am here. I anticipate meeting with all of you before the process is complete and look forward to having some conversations regarding budget issues we currently face.

I have been in contact regularly with my staff while I am away. I feel very lucky to have such dedicated staff that are taking care of daily operations while I am gone. This is truly a testament to the quality of folks you have working at your police department.

Also this month, we had the first union negotiations meeting. It went very well and I do not foresee any issues at this time. The next meeting will be in mid March.

I am excited to finish up the national academy. It has been an unbelievable training experience for me. I am looking forward to getting back home and back to work. There are many things to accomplish in the coming months. Please stay safe in all the cold weather we’ve been having and I will see all of you soon.

Council Report-January 2019

As of this writing, I am halfway through the FBI National Academy in Quantico Virginia. I left for the national academy on January 6th. It has been a wonderful experience so far with some of the best leadership training I have had the opportunity to take during my entire career. Less than 1% of all law enforcement officers get selected to attend the National Academy and I’m honored to represent our wonderful city. I am part of session #275 and our class has over 250 police administrators from the United States as well as 26 other countries represented.

During my time here, Sgt. Sean Lundry has been acting chief of your police department and he’s been doing a wonderful job. I have weekly teleconferences with him to keep up on the activity at our department. I also have been actively working on budget items when time permits. The goal is to keep myself up to date so I’m ready to hit the ground running when I return on March 15th.

Interviews are completed for the open Records Specialist position and Records Manager Julie Smith informed me she was extremely pleased with the results of the recruitment process which has been refined with the addition of our wonderful HR Manager, Angie Welty. We have narrowed down the candidates and will be ready to make a final decision by the end of this week. I’m told all the candidates that interviewed were well qualified and did a great job.

The recruitment process for the open Officer position is moving forward as well. We are still in the process of accepting applications and the first round of interviews are scheduled for late February. Again, Angie Welty helped us update our recruitment and we’ve seen the results of that with many more applications then we had last time we recruited. Your officers and staff had many ideas on how to change our process and their hard work has paid dividends.

I hope all of you had a great new year. I am having a wonderful time here but at the same time, I’m missing Sandy, my home. We have a lot of work to do in the coming months, with budget, contract negotiations etc. It’s always a challenge. We face them together.